Keihanshin (京阪神) Episode 3: Kuromon Market (黒門市場)

After the historical visit at Osaka-Jo, I realized I am very hungry and first thing came to my mind is Japanese Bento, and I knew where to look for one, delicious and cheap.

There you go, Kuromon Market or Kuromon Ichiba (黒門市場), which used to be known as Emmeiji Market, named after the Emmeiji Temple (圓明寺). SInce there used to be a black gate northeast of this temple, it became known as what we called it today.

This market is offering all kind of seafood and food, in fact, many restaurants at Osaka are getting the seafood from here. That’s why Kuromon Market also known as “The kitchen of Osaka” (大阪の台所).

Right here you can find all kind of Japanese pickles.

Mouth-watering sashimi. Reasonable price and fresh.

Fresh salmon for just 700 Yen.

An octopus which soon will be served as Sashimi in the restaurant.

This is where you can have a quick bite of sashimi made from fresh seafood.

A Totoro (龍貓) character in front of a bakery shop.

There you go, Japanese Bento.

Bought this fried chicken bento for 430 Yen, juicy and not oily. Definitely better than KFC or some local food court Jap food in Singapore.

You can buy the Miso soup for another 100 Yen.


Nearest subway: Nipponbashi Station (日本橋駅)

Operating hour: Most of the shops operating from 9:00 am till evening, and closed on Sunday.


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