Keihanshin (京阪神) Episode 6: Kamukura Ramen (神座 ラーメン)

Comparing to the rest of Ramen shop in Osaka, the Kamukura Ramen (神座 ラーメン) is considered to be the most popular one. Even the local TV had reported about their ramen. As a results, more local Japanese are frequent to this ramen shop.

The vending machine is for you to make your desired orders. The vending machine comes with selections for main dish as well as other options such as serving size and alternate toppings. The main dish are labelled with Japanese and English, but the rest of the options only has Japanese label.

Upon entering the shop, just passed the tickets to the chef, and wait for the serving.

Some drawing and autograph by some of the celebrities who drop by here.

A brief history and the “mission statement” of the Ramen shop.

The Ramen in Osaka usually come with free-flow of pickles and sauces, and they are usually spicy and heavy-favored. Besides, different shops sells different style of Ramen,  which is kind of unusual as Japanese cuisines are usually stand to the rules and principles.

Finally, after a 5 minutes wait …..

A closer look to the ingredients… There are charsiew, chinese cabbages, seaweeds. I have purposely putting some pickles to the soup to make it look colorful. But was immediately removed after I had taken the picture.

Comments: The charsiew is tender, the soup is sweet and a natural flavor of Chinese cabbage and soy sauce. The soy sauce is a secret recipe from the chef. Overall, the ramen is delicious and stomach-warming. I feel like energized until I had forgotten all the fatigue on my legs. For just 630 Yen, a big bowl of delicious ramen, with free-flow of pickles and ice waters, Kamukura Ramen is a must for ramen-lovers.


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