Keihanshin (京阪神) Episode 7: Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル)

Few more hours before my Osaka Unlimited Pass expired, I hurried to the Umeda Sky Building to have a night view of the Osaka city. Apologize if the following picture looks shaky as my camera is not of a professional one.

From the map, it seemed like from Umeda Station to Sky building shouldn’t be talking too long for a walking distance. But I was wrong, it took me around 20 minutes going through numerous of traffic light, overhead bridges, underground pass to reach there. For people like me who had been spending hours of hours of walking for the past two days, it’s haunting.

Upon reached, a couple of lantern welcomed me.

Notice that, the two elevator is for accessing up and down to the observatory level.

An illustration of the building.

Night view is spectacular surrounded by romantic songs played on the observatory floor.

Remember these two long stretch elevator hanging in the sky?

This is how it looks like when going down the elevator. You can’t help thinking what happened if it breaks and fallen down.

Feeling terribly exhausted, I taking a short break sitting beside the windows and enjoying the night scenery. After that, it’s time to call off the day and have a nice rest, because tomorrow will be heading to my most anticipated place in this trip — Kyoto (京都).


Nearest Subway: Osaka Station

Operating Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:30 daily

Admission: Adult 700 Yen, Children 100 Yen; Free admission using Osaka Unlimited Pass


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