Keihanshin (京阪神) Episode 9: Historical City – Kyoto (京都)

On my third day at Kansai, I was taking the train from Osaka Station to Kyoto Station for just 45 minutes. There are a few quick facts about Kyoto:

  1. Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan for more than 1000 years until 1868 transferred to Tokyo.
  2. The layout of the Kyoto was imitating two of the ancient cities of China. With the west side imitated Chang-an (長安) and the east side followed Loyang (洛陽).
  3. There are 2000 religious places in Kyoto — 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto Shrine.
  4. Initially Kyoto was one of the atomic bomb target during the WW2, but was under the insist objection from Henry L. Stimson which he got to aware of the abundance of cultural heritage in Kyoto, from his honeymoon earlier on. In the end, Nagasaki was substituted.

Upon reaching Kyoto station, you can’t stop wondering this building should make more sense if located in Tokyo, Kobe or Osaka. The building is too modernized and futuristic, which seems out of place in such an ancient city.

The controversy Tokyo Tower. People in Kyoto named the tower as “candle” (ロ-ンク), and due to the fact that it is near the Higashi Honganji (東本願寺), thus they name this tower as (お東さんのローソク), which literally means “Mr. East’s candle”. (東=East)

Glance from the top observatory level at Kyoto Station

At the basement of the Kyoto Station, there is a food street called Porta. So took the chance to have my lunch here with the “Dan Dan noodle”.

Finally went to the bus station to buy my Kyoto Unlimited Pass (for bus ride only) for just 500 Yen. A map of the Kyoto city will be provided as well, it is a very useful guide as it showed you which bus number to take to a specific tourist attraction.

Having my stomach filled, purchased of unlimited pass, and a map, time to explore this heritage city.


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