Keihanshin (京阪神) Episode 11: Philosopher’s Walk (哲学の道)

After exit the Ginkakuji Temple, you can choose to walk back the same route where you came from to the bus stop; or you can walk the other small route and that lead you to the Philosopher’s Walk (哲学の道) – Tetsugaku-no-michi. Its name was originated from a Kyoto University professor, Nishida Kitaro, who walk along this route every day for meditation.

The Philosopher’s Walk is a pedestrian walk along a canal with sakura tree planted along the path. During the sakura blossom season, people from all over the country are visit this place.  Along the way, there are numerous shrine and temples, as well as shop houses and restaurant. The length of the path is about 2 km, which might take 30 minutes or more to complete.

A bridge name 洗心橋, which literally means washing your heart.

Reflection of Sakura tree on the windows of a cafe along the path.

Kitty also meditating and thinking about the meaning of life.

At the end of the path, you can continue to the famous Nanzenji Temple (南禪寺).  It was ordered to build by Japanese Emperor, Emperor Kameyama, in 1291.

Not far away from the temple, there is a European architecture which look like a bridge in the first place. It is called Suirokaku (水路閣), built in 1888,  which deliver the water from Lake Biwa to Kyoto.

After that, I went down an downhill road towards the bus stop for taking the bus to my next destination. Along the way, I have my sumptuous meal at a Japanese restaurant.

Hmmm.. Oishii~!


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