Japan trip – Afterthought

Japan is an beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, exotic culture and building that make full use of splendor and wisdom. Below are a few comments/suggestions:

  • However, this country is well-known for being one of the most expensive country in the world. However, there are places still offering nice food with reasonable price. If you are on tight budget, you can try the food from the convenient store, which offer food as low as 100 Yen, and yet delicious.

I found this cheap Ramen store located at the train station platform, yes, you heard me. It served as a convenient place for the fast-paced Japanese to fill up their stomach. The ramen is cheap and start from 200++ Yen.

  • You can hardly find any rubbish bin at the street, not even in some toilets. So, if you wanted to eat while walking, think twice. However, you can always find one rubbish bin in the train platform.
  • Some souvenir shops and historical attractions does not allow photography, so don’t act like a mad tourist and keep pressing the shutter.
  • Put your phone in vibration mode (or they called it manner mode) when taking a train. But SMS and checking email is still allowed. However, do not use your phone at all when standing close to the priority seat. Talking over the phone in the train is considered very uncivilized act in Japan.
  • Most of the historical attractions closed around 4-5 pm. So try to visit these places in the morning or early afternoon, and shopping for souvenir in a later time.
  • While a lot of people still wondering is it safe to travel to Japan due to the radiative pollution from Fukushima. The answer is yes, very safe. The radiation level in Tokyo is similar to the one at New York City. There is a daily radiation records with comparison to international one at this website: http://www.jnto.go.jp/eq/eng/04_recovery.htm

So plan your trip now to Japan, Yokoso!


3 thoughts on “Japan trip – Afterthought

  1. Dear Kaseito, You have an informative blog with impressive/interesting photos which flow with your stories/comments. Your blog deserves to be seen by many. I am also learning as I am going … but, If you are interested in higher traffic (after all you are taking the time to inform travelers about Japan), how you ‘tag’ is the key. I think currently your traffic is generated from daily posts from the ‘Reader’. ‘Category’ is only for search within your blog. I think every one of your ‘posts’ should include ‘tags’ such as, Travel, Japan, Temples, and as many possible search ‘tags’ comrade bloggers enter in the ‘Reader’ search . I just thought, a well documented travel blog of your quality should be appreciated by more people. I read and enjoyed every one of your blogs on Japan. Where/what is next?

    • Dear Fae, thank you so much for your sincere appreciation as well as your advices. Actually this is my first time blogging, and I think you are right as I didn’t generating much tags.
      I hope more people will visit Japan as most people still have the impression that the whole country is covered by radiation dust, which in fact is not. So this is one of the reason why I was blogging this trip and provided as much information as possible.
      Next trip would probably be China or even Japan again! But then I need to save enough for my next trip 😦

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