Delivery of Happiness

It has been almost two years since I went to Kobe, until yesterday night I watched a Taiwanese documentary show talking about the Great Hanshin Earthquake (阪神大地震) happened in 17th January 1995. The earthquake is devastating and causing a lot of death.

During the memorial, an old man was interviewed why he was here. With tears, saying he was here to told his mother, “it’s been 19 years and I’m still remember you.”

Another woman was asking the same question, she said, “I was pregnant during that time, but lost my child due to the injury. I came here every year because I want to remember I used to own the baby before.”

A school teacher at Kobe written a song called “しあわせ運べるように” after the earthquake, to encourage the people to raise hope for tomorrow and rebuild the city.

One of the lyric said, “亡くなった方々のぶんも 毎日を大切に生きてゆこう”, means “we shall cherish every day for the lost one”. It bring me tears.


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